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AUB Faculty Book Publications: 2019-Present: Business Information & Decision Systems

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

Books by year

APA citation:

Jallouli, R., Bach Tobji, M. A., Bélisle, D., Mellouli, S., Abdallah, F., & Osman, I. (Eds.). (2019). Digital economy: Emerging technologies and business innovation: 4th international conference, ICDEc 2019, Beirut, Lebanon, April 15–18, 2019, proceedings. Springer. Available at UL

Book chapters by year

APA citation:

Van Buren, H. J. III. (2021). Sustainable development and business research: Where we are and where we might go. In J. K. Das, S. Taneja, & H. Arora (Eds.), Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development: Strategies, practices and business models (pp. 20-29). Taylor and Francis.

APA citation:

Chappin, É. J. L., Nikolic, I., & Yorke Smith, N. L. (2020). Agent-based modelling of the social dynamics of energy end use. In M. Lopes, C. H. Antunes, & K. B. Janda (Eds.), Energy and behaviour: Towards a low carbon future (pp. 321-351). Academic Press. Available at UL