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AUB Faculty Book Publications: 2019-Present: Economics

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

Book chapters by year

APA citation:

Mabsout, R. (2022). Abduction and economics. In L. Magnani (Ed.), Handbook of abductive cognition (pp. 1-14). Springer, Cham. Available at UL

Neaime, S., & Saghir, J. (2022). Implications of the recent financial and health crises on institutions of higher education in Arab countries. In A. Badran, E. Baydoun, & J. Mesmar (Eds.), Higher education in the Arab world: New priorities in the post COVID-19 era (pp. 173-194). Springer, Cham. Available at UL

APA citations:

Elbadawi, I. A., & Makdisi, S. (2021). The sustainability of GCC development under the new global oil order. In G. Luciani & T. Moerenhout (Eds.), When can oil economies be deemed sustainable? (pp. 329-348). Palgrave Macmillan. Available at UL

Makdisi, S. (2021). Arab development and the transition to democracy. In H. Hakimian (Ed.), The Routledge handbook on the Middle East economy (pp. 319-332). Routledge.

APA citation:

Dagher, L., Jamali, I., & Badra, N. (2020). The predictive power of oil and commodity prices for equity markets. In S. Goutte & K. Guesmi (Eds.), Risk factors and contagion in commodity markets and stocks markets (pp. 47-82). World Scientific Publishing. 

APA citation:

Altug, S., Akmaklı, C. & Gözen, R. (2019). The interaction of real and financial markets in the global economy: What role does China play?. In S. Boubaker & D. Nguyen (Eds.), Handbook of global financial markets: Transformations, dependence, and risk spill-overs (pp. 513-530). World Scientific Publishing. Available at UL

Diab, A., Harajli, H., & Ghaddar, N. (2019). Leapfrogging to sustainability: Utility-scale renewable energy and battery storage integration – exposing the opportunities through the Lebanese power system. In H. Qudrat-Ullah & A. Kayal (Eds.), Climate change and energy dynamics in the Middle East: Modeling and simulation-based solutions (pp. 183-224). Springer, Cham. Available at UL