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AUB Faculty and Staff Book Publications: 2019-Present: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

Books by year

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Qian, S. S., DuFour, M. R., & Alameddine, I. (2023). Bayesian applications in environmental and ecological studies with R and Stan. CRC Press.

APA citation:

Ḥamad, B. (2022). Sitt sanawāt fī Baladīyat Bayrūt: Injāzāt wa-taḥaddiyāt. 

Book chapters by year

APA citations:

Maalouf A., Maryev V. A., Smirnova T. S., Mavropoulos A. (2022). Current waste management status and trends in Russian Federation: Case study on industrial symbiosis. In C. Baskar, S. Ramakrishna, S. Baskar, R. Sharma, A. Chinnappan, & R. Sehrawat (Eds.), Handbook of solid waste management (pp. 247-272). Springer, Singapore. Available at UL

Nehme, N., & AlNaghi, H. (2022). Urban transportation planning model for long term refugee camps development: Case of Naher El Bared Camp in Lebanon. In F. Calisir (Ed.), Industrial engineering in the Internet-of-Things world (pp. 101-119). Springer, Cham. Available at UL

APA citation:

Kleib, S., Afiouni, F., & Srour, I. (2021). Labor management in the Lebanese construction industry. In D. Belman, J. Druker, & G. White (Eds.), Work and labor relations in the construction industry: An international perspective (pp. 133-154). Routledge.

APA citations:

Atasoy, B., de Azevedo, C. L., Akkinepally, A. P., Seshadri, R., Zhao, F., Abou-Zeid, M., & Ben-Akiva, M. (2020). SMART mobility via prediction, optimization and personalization. In C. Antoniou, D. Efthymiou, & E. Chaniotakis (Eds.), Demand for emerging transportation systems (pp. 227-265). Elsevier. Available at UL

Maalouf, A., Di Maria, F., & El-Fadel, M. (2020). Waste recycling in a developing context: Economic implications of an EU-separate collection scheme. In S. K. Ghosh (Ed.), Waste management as economic industry towards circular economy (pp. 105-114). Springer. Available at UL

APA citations:

El-Fadel, M., Maroun, R., Bou Fakhr Aldeen, R., El-Khoury, D. L., & Al-Najm, M. (2019). Lebanon: Health valuation of water pollution at the upper Litani river basin. In J. Nriagu (Ed.), Encyclopedia of environmental health (2nd ed., pp. 56-67). Elsevier.

Malaeb, Z., AlSakka, F., & Hamzeh, F. (2019). 3D concrete printing: Machine design, mix proportioning, and mix comparison between different machine setups. In J. G. Sanjayan, A. Nazari, & B. Nematollahi (Eds.), 3D concrete printing technology (pp. 115-136). Butterworth-Heinemann. Available at UL