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AUB Faculty and Staff Book Publications: 2019-Present: Faculty of​ Medicine​ (FM)

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

This section highlights books and book chapters authored, edited, or translated by faculty and staff from departments of AUB's Faculty of Medicine sorted by year.

Citations are provided in APA format.

Principles of Perioperative Safety and Efficiency
Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine (10th ed.)
Thalassemia Syndromes
Blue Laser Surgery in Laryngology
Circumcision - Advances and New Perspectives
The War Injured Child
The Microbial Modulation of Autoimmune Processes and Proinflammatory Pathways
Blood Pressure Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus
77 Days With Rumi
Nutrition and Psychiatric Disorders
Towards a Post-Flexnerian Revolution : Granding the Virtuous Physician
Traits of Civilization and Voice Disorders
Voice Disorders in Athletes, Coaches and other Sports Professionals
Equipment for Respiratory Care
Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery
Le Liban : 18 communautés et bien davantage
Fertility Challenges and Solutions in Women with Cancer
Abdominal Surgery - A Brief Overview
Non-Laryngeal Cancer and Voice
Obesity and Voice
Vascular Reconstructions : Anatomy, Exposures and Techniques
Psychiatric Disorders: Methods and Protocols
Dentofacial Anomalies : Implications for Voice and Wind Instrument Performance
Leveraging Biomedical and Healthcare Data
Laryngeal Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
The Surgical Management of Parasitic Diseases
Combating Antimicrobial Resistance - A One Health Approach
Circumcision and the Community
Solace: A Legacy of Care