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AUB Faculty and Staff Book Publications: 2019-Present: Agriculture

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

Books by year

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Bashour, I., Pek, E., Simongini, C. & Salman, M. (2022). Field guide to monitor irrigation water quality in Lebanon. FAO.

Book chapters by year

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Krisht, G., Bou Said, R., Aboujaoude, L., Hajjar, T., Kamaleddine, F., Soufi, A. R., Bashour, I., Yanni, S. F., Mohtar, R., & Dare, A. (2024). Irrigating with treated wastewater. In M. Abraham (Ed.), Encyclopedia of sustainable technologies (2nd ed.). Elsevier. 

APA citations:

Aoun, M., Elhusseini, R., & Mohtar, R. (2023). Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in higher education institutions: A case study from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. In M. A. S. A. Al-Maadeed, A. Bouras, M. Al-Salem, & N. Younan (Eds.), The sustainable university of the future: Reimagining higher education and research (pp. 199-215).  Springer. Available at UL

Chaaban, J. (2023). Youth welfare index. In F. Maggino (Ed.), Encyclopedia of quality of life and well-being research (2nd ed., pp. 7906-7909). Springer. Available at UL

Kassem, I. I., & Jaafar, H. (2023). The potential impact of water quality on the spread and control of COVID-19 in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. In J. E. Nickum, R. M. Stephan, & H. Bjornlund (Eds.), Wicked problems of water quality governance (pp. 262-268). Routledge. 

Martiniello, G. (2023). Sugar agro-extractivism: Land enclosures, contract farming and the sugar frontier in Africa. In A. Neef, C. Ngin, T. Moreda, & S. Mollett (Eds.), Routledge handbook of global land and resource grabbing (pp. 113-127). Taylor and Francis. Available at UL

APA citations:

Abebe, G. K. (2022). Effects of institutional pressures on the governance of food safety in emerging food supply chains: A case of Lebanese food processors. In G. Desa & X. Jia (Eds.), Social innovation and sustainability transition (pp. 191-204). Springer, Cham. Available at UL

Bashour, I., Bachour, R., Haddad, N., Dbaibo, R., Kassem, J., Faten, A., Shakhatreh, Y., Bani-Kalaf, Y., Bawaliz, A., Musallam, I, Ismail, F., Huwaian, M., Bani Hani, N., Devkota Wasti, M., Haddad, A., Musa, Y., Alhayek, R., Alrijabo, A. A., Gultekin, I., ... Kassam, A. (2022). Conservation agriculture in West Asia. In A. Kassam (Ed.), Advances in conservation agriculture, vol. 3: Adoption and spread (pp. 337-393). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing. Available at UL

Braudeau, E., & Mohtar, R. H. (2022). Thermodynamic equation of the pedostructure hydric conductivity. In J. Purenovic (Ed.), Research developments in science and technology Vol. 8 (pp. 1-29). Book Publisher International.

Devkota, M., Singh, Y., Yigezu, Y. A., Bashour, I., Mussadek, R., & Mrabet, R. (2022). Conservation agriculture in the drylands of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: Past trend, current opportunities, challenges and future outlook. In D. L. Sparks (Ed.), Advances in agronomy (pp. 253-305). Academic Press. Available at UL

Martiniello, G. (2022). Bitter sugarification: Sugar frontier and contract farming in Uganda. In G. de L. T. Oliveira, J. Liu, & B. M. McKay (Eds.), Beyond the global land grab: New directions for research on land struggles and global agrarian change (pp. 35-51). Routledge.

Schmidt, G., Matauschek, C., Fournier, M., Saito, A., Daher, B., & Mohtar, R. H. (2022). The relevance and challenges in communicating the nexus. In F. Brouwer (Ed.), Handbook on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus (pp. 398-412). Edward Elgar Publishing. Available at UL

APA citations:

Daher B., & Mohtar R. H. (2021). Water-Energy-Food Sustainable Development Goals in Morocco. In W. Leal Filho, A. M. Azul, L. Brandli, A. Lange Salvia, & T. Wall (Eds.), Clean water and sanitation (Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals). Springer, Cham. Available at UL

Darwish, M., & Mohtar, R. H. (2021). Water-Energy-Food relation in Gulf Cooperation Council. In J. J. Bogardi, J. Gupta, K. D. W. Nandalal, L. Salamé, R. R. P. van Nooijen, N. Kumar, T. Tingsanchali, A. Bhaduri, & A. G. Kolechkina (Eds.), ​​​​​Handbook of water resources management: Discourses, concepts and examples (pp. 503-525). Springer. Available at UL

Doughan, Y. A. R. (2021). Factors of production, economic growth, and sustainable development. In W. Leal Filho, A. M. Azul, L. Brandli, A. Lange Salvia, & T. Wall (Eds.), Decent work and economic growth (pp. 427-439). Available at UL

Doughan, Y. A. R. (2021). Household expenditure, inequality, and sustainability. In W. Leal Filho, A. M. Azul, L. Brandli, A. Lange Salvia, P. G. Özuyar, & T. Wall (Eds.), Reduced InequalitiesEncyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (pp. 1-13). Springer International Publishing. Available at UL

Jaafar, H. (2021). New technologies, digitization and sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean: Challenges and prospects. In A. Dessi, D. Fattibene, & F. Fusco (Eds.), Climate change and sustainability: Mediterranean perspectives (pp. 55-81). Edizioni Nuova Cultura.

Martiniello, G. (2021). Rural social movements/transnational agrarian movements. In A. H. Akram-Lodhi, K. Dietz, B. Engels, & B. M. Mckay (Eds.), Handbook of critical agrarian studies (pp. 491-502). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. Available at UL

APA citations:

Aoun, M. (2020). Pesticides' impact on pollinators. In W. L. Filho, A. M. Azul, L. Brandli, P. G. Özuyar, & T. Wall (Eds.), Zero hunger, Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (pp. 1-11). Springer Nature. Available at UL

Bahn R. A., & Abebe G. K. (2020). A descriptive analysis of food retailing in Lebanon: Evidence from a cross-sectional survey of food retailers. In E. Aktas & M. Bourlakis (Eds.), Food supply chains in cities: Modern tools for circularity and sustainability (pp. 289-346). Palgrave Macmillan. Available at UL

Chedid, M. G., Jaber, L. S., & Hamadeh, S. K. (2020). Challenges facing agropastoral systems in the Arab dry region: Case study of Lebanon. In J. -F. Tourrand, P. D. Waquil, M. -C. Maraval, M. T.  Sraïri, L. G. Duarte, & G. V. Kozloski (Coords.), Livestock policy (pp. 162-175). CIRAD.

Eftelioglu, E., Miralles-Wilhelm, F.R., Mohtar, R., Ruddell, B.L., Saundry, P., & Shekhar, S.  (2020). Applying science to practice. In P. Saundry & B. L. Ruddell (Eds.), The Food-Energy-Water Nexus (pp. 459-482). Springer. Available at UL

El Gemayel, L. J., & Bashour, I. I. (2020). Mechanism of antibiotic uptake in plants. In M. Z. Hashmi (Ed.), Antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance genesEnvironmental occurrence and treatment technologies (pp. 177-193). Springer Nature. Available at UL

El Gemayel, L. J., Bashour, I. I., Abou Jawdeh, Y.Farran, M. T., & Farajalla, N. (2020). Effect of antibiotics on plant growth in a water culture. In M. Z. Hashmi (Ed.), Antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance genesEnvironmental occurrence and treatment technologies (pp. 239-253). Springer Nature. Available at UL

Hassan, J., El-Gemayel, L., Bashour, I., & Kassem, I. I. (2020). On the edge of a precipice: The global emergence and dissemination of plasmid-borne mcr genes that confer resistance to colistin, a last-resort antibiotic. In M. Z. Hashmi (Ed.), Antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance genes in the environment (pp. 155-182). Elsevier. Available at UL

Kinne, B., Magee, D., McCarl, B. A., Mohtar, R., Richardson, R. B., Ruddell, B. L., Saundry, P., & Treemore-Spears, L. (2020). Opportunities at the nexus. In P. Saundry & B. L. Ruddell (Eds.), The Food-Energy-Water Nexus (pp. 587-611). Springer. Available at UL

Youssef, S. A., Bashour, I. I., Abou Jawdeh, Y.Farran, M. T., & Farajalla, N. (2020). Uptake of gentamicin, oxytetracycline, and tylosin by lettuce and radish plants. In M. Z. Hashmi (Ed.), Antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance genesEnvironmental occurrence and treatment technologies (pp. 195-210). Springer Nature. Available at UL

APA citations:

Chaaban, J. (2019). I've got the power: Mapping connections between Lebanon's banking sector and the ruling class. In I. Diwan, A. Malik, & I. Atiyas (Eds.), Crony capitalism in the Middle East: Business and politics from liberalization to the Arab Spring (pp. 330-343). Oxford University Press. Available at UL

Martiniello, G. (2019). Accumulation by dispossession and resistance in Uganda. In S. Moyo, P. Jha, & P. Yeros (Eds.), Reclaiming Africa (pp. 183-201). Springer, Singapore. Available at UL