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AUB Faculty and Staff Book Publications: 2019-Present: Education

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

Books by year

APA citation:

Jouni, N., & Al-Hroub, A. (2023). School inclusion in Lebanon: Integrating research on students with giftedness and learning disabilities into practice. Springer. Available at UL

APA citation:

Ghaith, G. M., & Awada, G. M. (2022). Cooperative learning and world-readiness standards for learning languages: A guide for effective practice. Palgrave Macmillan. Available at UL

APA citation:

Levrini, O., Tasquier, G., Amin, T. G., Branchetti, L. & Levin, M. (Eds.). (2021). Engaging with contemporary challenges through science education. Springer. Available at UL

Book chapters by year

APA citations:

Amin, T. G., Levin, M., & Levrini, O. (2023). Theorizing concept learning in physics education research: Progress and prospects. In M. F. Taşar & P. R. L. Heron (Eds.), The international handbook of physics education research: Learning physics (pp. 11-11). AIP Publishing. 

Baytiyeh, H. (2023). The impact of online learning on career performance among practitioner engineers. In A. Badran, E. Baydoun, S. Hillman, & J. Mesmar (Eds.), Higher education in the Arab world: E-learning and distance education (pp. 247-270). Springer. Available at UL

El-Hassan, K. (2023). Student quality of life. In F. Maggino (Ed.), Encyclopedia of quality of life and well-being research (2nd ed., pp. 6913-6920). Springer. Available at UL

APA citations:

Al-Mazroa, H., BouJaoude, S., & El-Deghaidy, H. (2022). Science teacher preparation programs. In F. Al-Shaya, S. Al-Balushi, & N. Mansour (Eds.), The reference in science learning and teaching: From theory to practice (pp. 507-527) King Saud University Press. [in arabic]

BouJaoude, S., & Baddour, R. (2022). Teacher education programs in Lebanon: Innovations in the past decade (2011–2021). In M. S. Khine (Ed.), Handbook of research on teacher education (pp. 153-170). Springer. Available at UL

El-Hassan, K., & Zeinoun, P. (2022). The history of psychological assessment in the Levant. In S. Laher (Ed.), International histories of psychological assessment (pp. 82-100). Cambridge University Press. Available at UL

APA citations:

Amin, T. G. (2021). Understanding the role of image schemas in science concept learning. Can educational neuroscience help? In O. Levrini, G. Tasquier, T. Amin, L. Branchetti, & M. Levin (Eds.), Engaging with contemporary challenges through science education (pp. 237-250). Springer. Available at UL

BouJaoude, S. (2021). STEM education in the Arab countries: Rationale, significance, and future prospects. In N. Mansour & H. El-Deghaidy (Eds.), STEM in science education and S in STEM: From pedagogy to learning (pp. 213-241). Brill Sense.

Espinet, M., Martin, S. N., Rodríguez, A. J., BouJaoude, S., & Msimanga, A. (2021). International perspectives on science education research in multicultural and multilingual contexts. In O. Levrini, G. Tasquier, T. Amin, L. Branchetti, & M. Levin (Eds.), Engaging with contemporary challenges through science education (pp. 45-58). Springer. Available at UL

APA citations:

Amin, T. G. (2020). Coordinating metaphors in science, learning and instruction. In A. Beger & T. H. Smith (Eds.), How metaphors guide, teach and popularize science (pp. 73-110). John Benjamins Publishing Company. 

Baytiyeh, H. (2020). Students' use of mobile technologies. In Information Resources Management Association (Ed.), Mobile devices in education: Breakthroughs in research and practice (pp. 460-473). IGI Global. Available at UL

APA citation:

Karami-Akkary, R., & Hammad, W. (2019). The knowledge base on educational leadership and management in Arab countries: Its current state and its implications for leadership development. In E. Samier & E. ElKaleh (Eds.), Teaching educational leadership in Muslim countries: Theoretical, historical and cultural foundations (pp. 77-92). Springer, Singapore. Available at UL