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AUB Faculty Book Publications: 2019-Present: Computer Science

Explore monograph and chapter publications authored, edited, or translated by AUB faculty and staff between 2019 and to date.

Book chapters by year

APA citation:

Itani, M., Talhouk, S. N., El-Hajj, W., Nasrallah, N., & AbouFakher, H. (2022). Challenges and opportunities of collaborative research on biosphere reserves in the Mediterranean. In A. Barthes, C. Cibien, & B. Romagny (Eds.), Mediterranean biosphere reserves: The nexus for environmental management, education and research (pp. 31-45). AMU. Available at UL

APA citation:

Tennakoon, C., Zaki, N., Arnaout, H., Elbassuoni, S.El-Hajj, W., & Al Jaberi, A. (2019). Biological knowledge graph construction, search, and navigation. In F. Kobeissy, A. Alawieh, F. A. Zarakat, & K. Wang (Eds.), Leveraging biomedical and healthcare data: Semantics, analytics and knowledge (pp. 107-120). Academic Press. Available at UL