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Beirut's Heritage Buildings

This guide aims to list some of Beirut's heritage buildings and provide resources to assist researchers with their needs on this specific topic.

Located on Mak'hool Street, Al Khalidi residence with beautiful exterior architecture was built in 1927.

                     No photo description available.


A renovated heritage house painted with bright colors, located near Hbeish Police Station, Bliss Street.

                       Colored building near Hbeish

                       Source: Owner of the libguide

Omar Daouk's Palace is located on Badr Demachkieh Road. Omar Daouk (1875-1949) was the Mayor of Beirut and President of the Al-Maqasid Islamic Charitable Association. The house was built in the early 1920s by Al Bayham family, and later in the 1930s it was bought by Omar Daouk. The house has French architecture with bright colors of pink and white.

                           No photo description available.                         


La Giralda Mansion, a Levantine/Italianate villa secured by wrought-iron bars, is owned by the Diab family and is located in Koraitem area.



At the heart of Beirut on Jabre Doumit Street Hamra, HŌM is a renovated heritage building with yellow and blue windows housing 16 furnished studios, café and library.                                          


                                                       Source: HŌM's Facebook page

Beirut's Old Manara, built in 1957, is an octagonal tower with a lantern and a circular observation room. The 25 meters tall lighthouse overlooking the Mediterranean is painted in black and white parallel bands. This historic landmark replaces the old brick lighthouse built in the 1825 during the Ottoman rule. The new functional manara was built in 2003 as a compensation for the obstruction of the old lighthouse by the high-rise residential Manara Tower.

                     Old Manara


The Rose House in Manara, built in 1882 by Mohammad Ardati on a hillside overlooking the Corniche, is an Ottoman villa that has long been a landmark in Beirut. It has hosted a variety of guests over the centuries, from former French President Charles de Gaulle to American abstract artist John Ferren. The Rose House will be renovated by its current owner Hisham Jaroudi.

                                                Pink House, Manara


Check one of American University of Beirut's student projects about the Pink House at this link.

Beirut's 300 year old Red House, one of the oldest traditional villas in the Ras Beirut neighbourhood, was built by the influential Rebeiz family in the late 1700s. The Red House was classified as a heritage site in November 2016. In winter 2017 it was declassified as a heritage site, later in the same year the Higher State Council dissolved the latter decision of the Ministry of Culture to declassify the House.       

                      Red House