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Beirut's Heritage Buildings

This guide aims to list some of Beirut's heritage buildings and provide resources to assist researchers with their needs on this specific topic.

Abdel Kader Palace is located near Noor Gardens.           

                       Abdel Kader Palace


Located on Mexique Street, two of the buildings of Haigazian University are listed in the Lebanese Ministry of Culture as heritage buildings. 

                          Haigazian University                      


Located on May Ziadeh Street and built in the 1920s, Kettaneh Building is one of the most beautiful heritage buildings in Clemenceau with its twin circular colonnaded balconies and corner turret.         

                            Kettaneh Building


Ladki House, located in Clemenceau, is a heritage house known for its Baroque-inspired staircases.













The house was built in 1870 by Hanna Hneini, and in 1929 it was owned by Darwish Yousef Haddad and later by El Khoury family in 1936. After Lebanon's independence in 1943, the palace became a presidential palace for Bechara El Khoury and later Camille Chamoun rented it from El Khoury between years 1952 and 1958. The palace remained a property of El Khoury family till it was bought by Rafic Hariri in 1985.

                         Kantari Palace


Located on May Ziadeh Street, Kantari, Takieddine El Solh Palace was built in the 1930s and is currently deserted. It belonged to former Prime Minister Takieddine El Solh's wife (Abdel Razzak Merhebi's widow). 

                       Takieddine El Solh Palace