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Beirut's Heritage Buildings

This guide aims to list some of Beirut's heritage buildings and provide resources to assist researchers with their needs on this specific topic.

Selected Journal Articles

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Selected Books

Selected Book Chapters

  El-Khoury, N., & De Paoli, G. (2010). Interactive itinerary of heritage houses in Beirut: Walking back to the future. In M. Ioannides, D.   Fellner, A. Georgopoulos, & D. G. Hadjimitsis (Eds.), Digital heritage, EuroMed 2010 (pp. 389-398). Springer.

  Kögler, O. (2005). Prospects for preservation of historic buildings. In H. Gebhardt, D. Sack, R. Bodenstein, A. Fritz, J. Hanssen, B.   Hillenkamp, O. Kögler, A. Mollenhauer, & F. Stolleis (Eds.), History, space and social conflict in Beirut: The quarter of Zokak al-Blat (pp. 261-288). Ergon Verlag in Kommission.

  Krijnen, M., & De Beukelaer, C. (2015). Capital, state and conflict: The various drivers of diverse gentrification processes in Lebanon. In L. Lees, H. B. Shin, & E. Lopez-Morales (Eds.), Global gentrifications: Uneven development and displacement (pp. 285-309). Policy Press.

Selected Theses and Dissertations

 Preserving housing memory in post-war Lebanon: Case studies of selected houses and neighborhoods / by Tracy Antoine Nehme. Thesis (M.A.)--American University of Beirut, Department of Political Studies & Public Administration, 2018.

 Infrastructural breaks and integral urbanism : The case study of the Eastern edge of Beirut's inner-city ring road / by Nisrene Naaman Baghdadi. Thesis (M.U.D.)--American University of Beirut, Department of Architecture and Design, 2012.

 Grounding heritage in locality : An urban design intervention for Gemmayzeh's neighborhood ecological landscapes / by Ibrahim Hassan Mneimne. Thesis (M.U.D.)--American University of Beirut, Dept. of Architecture and Design, 2010.

 Beirut: The story of a city destroyed by peace / by Giorgio Guy R. Tarraf. Thesis (Master's in International Affairs)--Lebanese American University, School of Arts and Sciences, 2014.

 Zokak El Blat: Urban and architectural evolution (1840-1940) / by Jad Hammoud. Thesis (Master's in Restoration and Conservation of Historic Buildings)--Universite Libanaise, Institut des Beau-Arts, 2014.

 Made to fall apart: An ethnography of old houses and urban renewal in Beirut / by Samar Kanafani. Dissertation (Doctoral dissertation in Faculty of Humanities)--University of Manchester, 2016.