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This guide helps you step by step use Mendeley to manage your sources/references easily.

Organize your Library

A. Create Folderscreate folder

For easier handling of the references, you can sort them into folders:

1. In the My Library pane on the left, click on Create Folder.

2. Type in the folder name and press Enter on your keyboard (folder will be listed under the My Library folders).

3. Click on the Unsorted folder to list all references that have yet to be assigned to a folder and drag references into the corresponding folder(s).


  • If you delete a reference from one of your folders, the reference will only be removed from that folder, but will still remain within your library.
  • If you delete a reference from the main library, the record will also be deleted from any folders you have filed it under.


Nested Folders: You can create up to 8 folders within folders. Right-click on an existing folder, and select New Folder.


Favorites: You can add articles to the Favorites folder (in the My Library pane on the left) by clicking on the star next to any reference.

B. Viewing Options

Viewing the references in your library and in folders can be either as a table or as citations in the style of your choice:

List Tables



1. Go to View in the top menu and select "Library as Table" or "Library as Citations".




2. If you choose Library as Citations, you can also choose which style to have them appear in; go to View in the top menu, then Citation Style submenu and select your preferred citation style.