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This guide helps you step by step use Mendeley to manage your sources/references easily.

PDF & Notes

A. Add PDF file to a citation

1. Click on the record in your library, scroll down the Info pane on the right until you reach the Files field, and click on Add Files.

2. Locate the PDF where you have saved it on your computer, and click Open to add it.

B. Work with PDF

  • To open up a PDF document in Mendeley, double-click on a reference that is linked to a PDF. or click on the reference once, then click on Read in the Info pane on the right.

highlight or annotate pdf

  • To highlight or annotate in your PDF document, click on the icons in the toolbar and select the desired text. You can highlight in several colors.





  • Click on the Note icon in the toolbar, then click on the spot within the PDF, and type your note. You can use notes in different colors, and you can read them in the Annotations section on the right.

Read annotations