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This guide helps you step by step use Mendeley to manage your sources/references easily.

Edit References

Not all the added references have all the essential information related to them (aka metadata). It is recommended that you double-check every entry. It could be done either manually by updating the details of a single entry, or Mendeley can automatically detect and group the references that need editing. You may also need to remove duplicates.


A. Manual Selection

Either click on the record and the pane will open on the right side and you can edit, or right-click on the record and click Update Details (applicable to any entry in your library). Mendeley might occasionally add or correct information in the reference.

Edit Details

B. Automatic Selection

Note, however, that this may not find every incorrect reference.

  1. Click on the Needs Review folder in the My Library pane on the left.  This will show a list of entries that Mendeley has identified as incomplete.
  2. Click on the record in the main document window. The referencing information for that document will then be displayed in the details pane on the right.

    Review Update

  3. In the details pane, fill-in all necessary information for the selected document, then click on the Details are Correct button to save the changes.

C. Adding Notes to a Reference

If you want to add critical appraisal notes, annotations, date of access, and others relevant information to a reference:

  1. Select the reference and go to the Notes pane next to Details on the right.
  2. Type in your notes. They are automatically saved.
  3. If you have added notes within the PDF (referred to as Private Annotations), you can also see them here. You can click on the PDF notes to navigate to the relevant sections in the PDF.