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EndNote X9: Bibliography

This guide provides basic information on using EndNote (citation management tool)

Making a bibliography using EndNote's Export Feature

How to use EndNote's Export feature to create a bibliography of references from your EndNote library.

Prepared by Robin Bowels (Falvey Memorial Library-Villanova University)

How to Create Standalone Bibliographies

There are many ways to create a standalone bibliography in a Microsoft word document

I. Using Copy Paste Method

  • Open your EndNote Library
  • Select the references you want to include in your bibliography
  • Go to the Edit menu and select
    • Output Style, and choose the style you want e.g. APA 6th ed.
    • Copy Formatted
  • Open your Microsoft word document
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert the bibliography
  • Paste selected references in your word document
  • Name and save the document

II. Using Exporting Method. This method allows you to directly export citations from EndNote into Word document

  • Open Your EndNote Library
  • Select references
  • Go to the Edit menu and select Export
  • Choose the location where you want to save file
  • Name your file
  • Save your file in Rich Text Format
  • Select an Output Style e.g. APA 6th ed
  • Click on Save