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Thesis Writing Hub: Templates

This guide provides all resources related to project, thesis, and dissertation writing and submission process at AUB.

It is strongly recommended that you start using a template at the beginning of your writing process.

The templates are based on the Guidelines for formatting your Thesis in Microsoft Word. They have correct margins, line spacing and page numbering, appropriate formatting of the front pages (you only need to delete/replace the text in parenthesis and in italic), chapter and section headings in acceptable formats, and heading and subheading styles.

The templates are to be used as they are, regardless of the referencing style chosen (APA, MLA, IEEE, etc…). You may follow the rules of the style in all aspects not mentioned in this file, such as formatting of tables, list of references and in-text citations, etc.

If you are working on your dissertation in partnership with another academic institution, kindly contact lib- and check the PhD Cotutelle Template.

Main Templates (All Degrees & All Departments Except Education and Arabic)

                                       Template Option 1                                                                               Template Option 2 

                                        Word                                                                                    Word         

                                         ABC Headings                                                                                           123 Headings

Department-Specific Templates

                                      Arabic Template                                                                    Department of Education Template                                           

                              Word                                                                      Word

               If thesis/dissertation's main language is Arabic                                       For use by students majoring in Education only

          (Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages)


Using LaTex (Optional)

If you prefer writing your thesis/dissertation using LaTex instead of Word, use the THESIS/DISSERTATION LaTex Template on Overleaf.

For help with LaTex formatting, you may refer to the Overleaf Pro+ guide.