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Thesis Writing Hub: Publishing

This guide provides all resources related to project, thesis, and dissertation writing and submission process at AUB.

If you would like to publish your Thesis, it is important to plan ahead, consider some questions and be well informed.

Questions to Consider

  • If you publish before defending your Thesis, will the publishing contract allow you to use the article in your Thesis later on?
  • If you plan to publish your Thesis after you defend it and submit it to the Library, how does depositing your Thesis in AUB ScholarWorks affect your publication?
  • Can you use material that you've coauthored or that were authored by someone else in your Thesis in the publication?
  • You would like to publish your thesis as a book or several journal articles?

For questions related to the content in your discipline as well as the norms, check with your advisor(s). For copyright questions, contact the Subject Librarian.

Check the Policy of AUB ScholarWorks.


Prepare your Scholarly Profile

Create a Scholarly Profile to compile your works, interests and experiences, share your work with interested scholars, and increase the opportunity for collaboration.

These tools can help you create a scholarly profile:

For more information on ORCID: Getting Started with ORCID.
For questions on Copyright and Authors' Rights