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Thesis Writing Hub: Submission Process

This guide provides all resources related to project, thesis, and dissertation writing and submission process at AUB.

The Thesis submission to the Library is fully online and consists of the below steps

1. Formatting Approval (before defense)

Using Microsoft Word

  • At least 2 weeks before your thesis defense, email to the Library ( a draft file containing the preliminary pages, table of contents, a few or all chapters with headings, and the bibliography of the thesis to ensure that all are correctly formatted.
  • After confirmation from the Library that all is correct, e-mail the whole Thesis to the Library as a Word file for final Library approval.

Using Latex/Overleaf

  • At least 2 weeks before your thesis defense, e-mail to the Library ( the draft as a PDF file for approval (before securing the signatures of the committee members on the Approval Page). 

When sending your draft, make sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Full Name:
  • AUB ID:
  • Degree (MA, MS, ME, MSN, PhD,etc..):
  • Department/Program/Center:
  • Faculty:
  • Thesis/Project Title (Capitalize the 1st letter of each word except conjunctions, articles & prepositions):

Note: receives emails from AUB email domains ONLY ( or, please do not send emails from other accounts nor from cloud storage websites (wetransfer, googledrive, etc.) as they will not be received/delivered.

2. Signed Forms (after defense)

  • Ensure that the "Approval" page is signed by the Advisor and Committee members (Both hand and electronic signatures are accepted). 
  • In case the advisor is signing on behalf of the Committee members, he/she is required to send an email to the Library (, copying all members, to confirm it.
  • Sign the "Release Form" on the day of submission to Scholarworks.

3. Deposit in ScholarWorks (after defense)

Once the formatting of the final draft is approved by the Library, you will be asked to submit three PDF files to ScholarWorks:

          1. Full thesis, including the Approval Page (unsigned)

          2. Approval Page (signed)

          3. Release Form (signed)                        

Note: Your submission will not be finalized unless you receive an email from the Library confirming the successful deposit. This usually happens within 2 working days from the date of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email within this period, you are urged to contact