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Thesis Writing Hub: Required Signed Forms

This guide provides all resources related to project, thesis, and dissertation writing and submission process at AUB.

Approval Page/Form

Download and fill out the unified Approval Page/Form.

After your defense, have this form signed by all members of the committee. It can be signed electronically or by hand.

This form is included by default in all thesis/dissertation/project templates (page 2). The form included in your actual thesis/dissertation/project document should not hold any signatures. Instead, you will need to submit the signed form separately as a PDF document when finalizing your submission to ScholarWorks. If you have already filled in the form while working on the template, select the whole form, then copy and paste it in a new separate Word document (make sure to keep the original formatting unchanged).

In case the advisor is signing on behalf of one or all Committee members, he/she is required to send an email to the Library (, copying one or all members, confirming it.

Information needed to fill in the Form:

  • Thesis Title
  • Student Full Name
  • Name, academic rank, and department of each committee member (names, ranks, and departments should be written exactly as they officially appear in the Graduate Catalogue)
  • Date of defense/presentation:
    • For Master's Thesis select Date of thesis defense
    • For Master's Project, select Date of project presentation
    • For Doctoral Dissertation, select Date of dissertation defense
  • For Master's Thesis and PhD Dissertations: Next to the name of each member, select whether he/she is your Advisor; Co-Advisor; Chair of Committee (for dissertations only), or Member of Committee
  • For Master's Project: Next to the name of each member, select whether he/she is your First Reader (instead of advisor), Second Reader (instead of Member of Committee)

In case you need to add an additional line/row for a new member select a line, together with the drop down box, then copy and paste it.

In case you need to remove an extra/empty line dedicated for a member, select and delete it along with the drop down box.

Note: The final, completed, and signed form must be later submitted as PDF document.

Release Form

The Author of the Thesis, Project, or Dissertation is required to sign and submit the Release Form as part of the submission process.

The Thesis writer is the exclusive copyright holder of his unpublished thesis. Through this form, the author grants the University Libraries a non-exclusive right to preserve and provide access to the his/her Thesis, Project, or Dissertation for research purposes only.

This form must be signed and dated when the thesis/dissertation/project copy is deposited at AUB ScholarWorks.
Download the Release Form, fill it in, electronically-sign it, and date it with the date of your ScholarWorks submission.

Save your file after completing the form and make sure to retain a copy of it.