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EndNote 20

This guide provides basic information on using EndNote Desktop (citation management tool)
Download or Attach PDFs to References 

There are two ways to attach full text PDFs to references

  1. Automatically ► Using the Find Full Text function
  2. Manually ►Finding and attaching PDF articles

The Find Full Text function in Endnote can search for full text for records in your Endnote library.  

There are several ways to automatically find PDFs full text.

In your EndNote Library, select the references to which you want to attach the full text then choose one of the following options:

  1. Go to the References menu and select Find Full text  
  2. Right click on selected references and choose Find Full Text
  3. Click the Find Full Text icon on the tool bar

Refer to the FIND FULL TEXT Group in the left panel to see the progress and results of the search (e.g. Searching, Found PDF, Found URL, or Not Found)

A paperclip symbol will appear on the left side of the reference to indicate that a file has been attached to the record.

Click here to watch a short video demonstrating how to use the Find Full Text function.  

N. B. Endnote will only be able to locate PDFs with a DOI.

You can Manually attach files/PDFs that you can not find using the Find Full Text function. 

  • Find and download the PDF you want to attach on your desktop, USB, etc.
  • In your EndNote library, select and highlight corresponding reference
  • Use one of the following options to attach files
    1. Go to the References menu ►Select File Attachments ► then Attach File (or Ctrl + Alt + A) 
    2. Double click on the reference ► Click on + Attach File button located in the Summary tab on the right panel.

  • Browse to locate the saved file or PDF
  • Click Open

Alternatively, If the PDF is on your desktop, you can drag and drop the file directly to the corresponding reference in EndNote.

You can open, preview, and annotate a PDF file in your EndNote library. EndNote will store all your notes in one place. These notes are searchable within EndNote.

  • Select a reference which has a PDF file attached
  • In the Reference panel, go to PDF tab to preview the PDF

On the top of the PDF pane there is a toolbar with several icons. The last icon Box with diagonal arrow. is the "Open this PDF in a separate window". Click on this icon to open a new widow where you can read and work with your PDF. 

  • Icons on the top of the PDF reader allow you to search, mark up, navigate, zoom and rotate the file.
  • Click on the markup/annotation icon for further options: Add sticky notehighlight text, and underline text.

To remove highlights and annotations

  • Put the mouse over the highlighted area or the sticky note
  • Right click your mouse then select Delete Annotations

Click here to watch a short video demonstrating how to annotate PDF files.   

Searching within PDFs and PDF Notes

EndNote allows you to search the full text of PDF files as well as their Sticky Note Comments.

In the search panel, select from the drop down menu one of the following options: Any Field + PDF with NotesPDF; or PDF Notes. Type in your Keyword/s and press Enter

N.B. To open the PDF in Adobe Reader, right click on the preview of the PDF and select Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Recommendations and Notes

  • Remember that articles/pdfs are not automatically attached to references when exported into EndNote.
  • Not all full text will be found using Find Full Text function.
  • Endnote will only be able to locate PDFs with a DOI.
  • Multiple files (PDF, Word Document, Excel sheet, etc.) can be attached to one reference.