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EndNote 20

This guide provides basic information on using EndNote Desktop (citation management tool)
Cite While You Write in Word

When EndNote is installed, it will also create an EndNote tab in Microsoft Word toolbar.  This tool allows you to insert citations into your paper and format your Word document. 

You may add citations to a Word document using EndNote in Microsoft Word and EndNote library. 

As you enter citations EndNote will automatically generate a list of references at the end of your paper.

There are several ways to Insert EndNote Citations into a Microsoft document:

Before you start inserting references or citations make sure to:

  • Have both Microsoft Word and EndNote open
  • Select the Bibliographic style that you want to use

Before you insert any citations into your document, select the bibliographic/ referencing style that you want to use.

EndNote uses Output Style to refer to the template file used to format the citations and bibliography. 

EndNote is already pre-loaded with most popular styles (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, etc.), as well as styles for specific Journals.  Additional output styles can be downloaded through the EndNote Style Finder.

I. Select a Style using Tools

  • Open your EndNote library
  • Go to the Tools menu, select Output Styles to choose your preferred style e.g. APA 7th.
  • If your style is not listed, go to Open Style Manager ► Search for the style you want and tick the box next to it. Automatically the style will appears in your list of preferred styles under Output Style
  • Click on the style to select it.

II. Select a Style using Summary

  • Highlight and double click on a reference. This will open the Edit/Summary/PDF panel on the right.
  • Click on the Summary tab to view the reference details. A summary of the citation will appear at the top and the preview of the citation at the bottom of the pane. 


  • The Output Style box is displayed directly above the preview.
  • Use the Output Style dropdown menu to select a style from the pre-loaded list.
  • If your style is not listed, click on Select Another Style. This will open a window with additional styles.
  • Highlight the style you want and click on Choose.
  • The new style will appear on the Output Style box. 


There are several methods to insert citations using EndNote Library 

  • Open a Microsoft Word document
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation in your Word document.
  • Open your EndNote Library, browse or search for the reference you want to insert ► Select this reference.

Method 1 Method 2
Click on Tools  Cite While You Write  Insert Selected Citation(s) Go to the Summary panel ⇒ Select the Output Style ⇒ Click Insert 

Method 3

  • In Word Document, go to EndNote 20 tab
  • Go to Style and from the dropdown menu select a citation style e.g. APA 
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation in your Word document.
  • Click on Go to EndNote to open your EndNote Library

  • In your EndNote 20 Library highlight the reference you want to insert


  • Go back to your Word document and click on the Insert Citation icon ► Choose Insert Selected Citation/s


  • Your in-text citation will be inserted automatically in your Word document
    and the full bibliography will appear at the end of your document

Insert Citations Using EndNote in Microsoft Word

  • Open a Microsoft Word document
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation
  • Click on the EndNote 20 tab
  • Go to Style and select your output style (e.g. APA)
  • Go to Insert Citation icon or magnifier
  • Select Insert Citation ... 


  • The Find & Insert My References box open
  • Type in the author's name or keyword/s in the text box
  • Click Find to display matching result
  • Highlight the reference you want
  • Click Insert


  • In Word, click on the in-text citation you want to edit or delete
  • Go to the EndNote tab
  • Click on Edit & Manage Citation(s)


  • A pop-up box will open
  • Highlight reference
I. Edit or Delete Citation

Click the Edit Reference drop down menu and choose:

  • Edit Library Reference to edit
  • Remove Citation to delete
  • Click OK

II. Format Citation and/or Add Page Number to a Citation
  • To format your citation, chose from the Formatting drop-down how to display the citation: Default, Display citation as Author (Year), Exclude Author, Exclude Year, etc.
  • To add a page number/s to a citation, go to Pages box and add page/s 
  • Click OK

To change the format and layout of your bibliography: Open your Word document, go to EndNote 20 tab and click the bottom corner from the Bibliography to 

I. Link in-text citations to references  II. Change the layout of the bibliography 


Recommendations and Notes

  • Make sure to install both EndNote and Microsoft Word on your computer and not in the cloud
  • Remember to proofread your references and make any necessary changes.
  • If your references are not automatically generated, go Instant Formatting and select Instant Formatting is On.
  • Use only ONE EndNote library for all of your writing. References used in one document should NOT come from different EndNote libraries.
  • Use the Edit & Manage Citations command to edit or delete citations in Word ►Do NOT use the Delete or Backspace keys to delete the citations.
  • Use Word's footnote function to insert a footnote. Then use your EndNote Library to insert the citation in the footnote ► Select an output style that is configured to footnote such as Chicago or Turabian Style.