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E-Learning Tools Trove

When you want to generate live interpretation or translated subtitles for your conferencing sessions, you can use one of the following tools:


Available at AUB

  • WebEx– Generates closed captions for your live and recorded meetings.

Free Resources

  • MS Translator – A free translation and transcription service that lets you have translated conversations across multiple devices. Generates live subtitles to your MS TEAMs conversations.

Paid Resources

  • – Automated speech to text with summary keywords, highlights, and full audio transcripts. Simple and can be used without tech support.
  • Microsoft Azure Speech to Text – Simply and easily create text from a variety of audio sources. Needs support at first.
  • Speech-to-text – Accurately convert speech into text using an Application Programming Interface (API) powered by Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Needs support at first.
  • 3PlayMedia – Captioning, transcription, audio description, live captioning and translation services.