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E-Learning Tools Trove

When you want to pre-record a session or record a live one in order to share it with your students on Learning Management System (LMS), you can use one of the following tools:  

Available at AUB

  • Zoom, WebEx and MS TEAMs – An easy way to record your session is using the built in session recording in Zoom, WebEx and MS TEAMs.
  • Voice Over PowerPoint – Integrating explanation of Microsoft PowerPoint directly on slides. Simple and can be used without tech support.

Free Resources

  • Screencast-O-Matic – Video recording, screen recording, video editing, and video sharing features. Simple and can be used without tech support.
  • Vivavideo – Video editing for mobile phones only. Needs support to use at first.
  • QuickVoice Recorder – Allows you to record classes, discussions, or other project audio files. Simple and can be used without tech support.
  • Filmora – Video creating, video editing, upload to YouTube directly. Needs support to use at first.
  • Quicktime – Video recording, video editing options, video sharing features.
  • Loom – Screen recording, video can be publicly accessed by anyone. Free for basic usage only. Simple and can be used without tech support.
  • Screen Recording   Allows you to record business meetings, messages to colleagues, explainer videos, video presentations, gaming videos, and much, much more! Compatible with all computers, mobile devices and tablets. Easy to use, 1-click screen recording.
  • Lecture Recorder – You may quickly record your webcam, audio, and screen to make instructional videos and online courses. For fast educational clips, lectures, and presentations, VEED is the ideal screen recording program for both students and teachers.

Paid Resources

  • Blueberry Flashback Express Recorder – Screen recording, extensive video editing options. Paid lifetime license.
  • Camtasia – Screen recording, video sharing, video editing. Paid lifetime license.  
  • Bandicam – Screen recording, webcam overlaying, real time drawing. Paid for license.
  • Bitable – Short video creation, video editing, templates available. Paid for license.