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E-Learning Tools Trove

When you want to provide feedback on uploaded work, grade quizzes or track your student’s progress, you can use one of the following tools:


Available at AUB

  • Moodle GradeBook – Document and track the progress of your students’ performance in Moodle’s built in Gradebook tool.

Free Resources

  • Edulastic – Provides assessment feedback and data tracking. Free with premium services.
  • MasteryConnect – Benchmarking and progress monitoring site that integrates with Socrative. Free with paid services.
  • Parlay Ideas – Inspire meaningful discussions, and provide feedback on exams.
  • Nearpod – Formative assessment coupled with digital media.
  • ForAllRubrics – Import, create, and score rubrics.
  • Kaizena – Provides real-time feedback on uploaded work. Teachers can highlight or speak to give verbal feedback and attach teacher-created, reusable resources.