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E-Learning Tools Trove

When you want to conduct a Live video-conferencing session with your students, you can use one of the following tools:


Available at AUB

  • WebEx – Video conferences, webinars, record sessions, online training management, online event management, remote support management, and more.
  • Microsoft TEAMs Video conferencing, meetings, webinars, sharing screen, calling colleagues/students, content collaboration with Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Zoom – Video conferences, audio displays, webinars, record sessions, sharing screens, breakout rooms, personal meeting rooms, and more.  

Free Resources

  • Google Hangouts – Video conferencing with your students by giving out a specific code.
  • YouTube Live – Run a livestream with students with an interactive chat box.
  • DingTalk – Video conferencing, task and calendar management, attendance tracking and instant messaging.
  • Skype – Video conferencing, video chatting, sharing screens.
  • ezTalks – Meeting/webinar live sessions, video conferencing. Free starter hosts up to 25 webinar participants.