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Copyright and Permissions: AUB

Welcome! This guide provides information and resources on copyright law in Lebanon and internationally. The guide emphasizes on how copyright law relates to academic activities such as research, teaching, and publishing.

AUB Website

Written permission to copy or disseminate all or part of the materials on the AUB website (e.g. pictures, graphs, charts, logos and other designing material) is granted if the following conditions are met :

  1. Copies are not made or distributed for commercial or advertising use; and
  2. The AUB copyright, its date and a notice providing that permission for copying was granted by AUB, appear on the reproduced materials.

To disseminate otherwise, or to republish, requires also a written permission by AUB.
For some materials, it may be necessary to obtain additional copyright permission from the author(s).
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AUB Libraries

AUB Libraries provide access to their holdings for educational, personal, and non-commercial use, provided that the materials are properly cited. For publication, distribution, reproduction or other use of protected items which goes beyond 'Fair Use', written permission of the copyright holders and/or other rights' holders is required ... more

Copyright Statement
According to Article 25 of the Lebanese Law on Copyright:
It is permissible, without the approval of the author, and freely, to copy or photocopy a limited number of copies, by non-profit institutions such as educational institutions and public libraries, as long as these institutions keep at least one original copy that students can use free of charge. This is to remain until the time when other mechanisms for photocopying are put in place by the Ministries of Education, Higher Learning and Vocational Training. Legally, a student may make one photocopy free of charge and for personal use without prior approval in order to criticize a work or for supporting an opinion or for citation or any other educational purpose, as long as the number and size do not exceed what is required – and in this case, the author’s name and title of work must always be cited.

Copyright statement in Arabic

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