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Agricultural Sciences : Reference Sources

This guide highlights core print and electronic Library resources in the area of Agricultural Sciences. Use this guide as your starting point. For more resources and further help, come to the Science Library or Ask a Librarian.

What is Reference?

Reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and biographies help you find factual and background information about your topic

It is advisable to look at more than one source of information to get the most information and to have a more balanced view of the topic.

Google and Wikipedia could be good places to start your search for general and initial ideas about your topic. But you will always have to use Library resources to get more credible information.

Subject Encyclopedias

Check a list of subject specific encyclopedias

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CABI Compendia Online

Interactive encyclopedias, statistical data, case studies, country report ... Compendia User Guides

Selected titles

Selected Print Encyclopedias

Read Free Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers from Plant & Flower Encyclopediahelp you identify houseplants as well as outdoor plants.

Find plant names, pesticide names, plant nurseries in North America and more.

Glossary and Thesaurus

Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary from the National Agricultural Library - United States Department of Agriculture