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Government Documents: Middle East

Government Documents

A "government document" is a publication issued by or for a government agency or international organizations and agencies. Books, pamphlets, posters, periodicals, and online databases are also government documents if they are produced by a government agency.

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Published Documents

Primary Sources in the Library

Use the Keywords الجريدة الرسمية Official Gazette

Try the authors: محمد ماهر حمادة-  اسد رستم - عادل اسماعيل 

Archives and Special Collections in the Library


Search the Catalog

To find primary sources in the Library catalog search under your subject"-- History -- Sources 

The Library holds a very good collection of primary sources in the Archives and Special Collections. Visit ASC department or search the Library Catalog , use Advanced Search  and limit your search by Location: Jafet Archives and Special Collections.

Archives Editions

Archive Editions publications provide thousands of original documents. It is particularly rich for the study of boundary formation, claims and disputes and modern political development of the Arabian peninsula and Arab/Persian Gulf. Seach for "Archive Editions" in AUBCAT keyword search.

Primary Sources Guides