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AUB History: a Short Guide: Students Activities

The guide was compiled on the occasion of AUB 150th Anniversary. It was initiated by the Research and Instruction Services and prepared in collaboration with the Archives and Special Collections Department at the University Libraries.

“It is our aim to train men of culture and efficiency, but  a still more fundamental purpose of our Institution is to train men of character.”

“We are constantly endeavoring to teach our students to feel responsibility for those below them, and to respect those above them, that they may learn to subject their own ambitions to the good of the majority and to work for progress with forbearance and by constitutional means"

Bayard Dodge: Inauguration Address, June 28, 1923

AUB Campus / Yearbooks

AUB Campus Yearbook is an AUB annual publication providing written and periodical records of student life through out the academic year. 

1928 Yearbook

AUB Schools' Yearbooks (1950s-1960s)

Student's Activites

Extra-Curricular Activities - Photo Selection

Annual Activities

Student Clubs and Societies

Student Movements

Student Elections