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AUB History: a Short Guide: General History

The guide was compiled on the occasion of AUB 150th Anniversary. It was initiated by the Research and Instruction Services and prepared in collaboration with the Archives and Special Collections Department at the University Libraries.


History of AUB

Search the library Catalog to find books and other materials on American University of Beirut -- History.

Selected Books

AUB Founders and Presidents

AUB Presidents -- Brief Biography

For additional information and resources on AUB’s history, and the early missionaries, please visit our Archives and Special Collections Library department.

Selected Books on AUB Presidents and Founding Members

AUB Faculty Publications - Bibliographies

Memories of Ras Beirut and AUB

This video documents the memories of Ras Beirut, the heart of the Lebanese capital. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Ras Beirut cradles the American University of Beirut and exemplifies a unique harmony and way of life among its people.