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AUB History: a Short Guide: Campus Buildings

The guide was compiled on the occasion of AUB 150th Anniversary. It was initiated by the Research and Instruction Services and prepared in collaboration with the Archives and Special Collections Department at the University Libraries.

“The architecture of the Upper Campus is an odd mixture of mock Tudor, faintly reminiscent of old England college (Museum) of Gothicized Lebanese arches and windows (College Hall) and mildly Italianate and diluted classical details and proportions (Fisk and Bliss Halls). It is interesting that throughout its development, the Campus architecture has never adopted the true Lebanese traditional idioms, and except for one case (North Elevation of Dodge Hall), the Lebanese three-arched window does not exist in any of the buildings”

Salam, Assem, 1962, Middle East Forum, Lament for AUB Campus, 35    

Selected Books

AUB Aerial Photograph

AUB Campus Maps & Photos

For photos of AUB buildings, search the library Catalog.

Sample photos are found in AUB Photograph Album, 1924-1925. This album contains photos of AUB campus buildings and grounds, students and events. 

For additional photos please click here or visit our Archives and Special Collections Library department.

AUB Buildings - A Selection

AUB's Main Gate - Online Exhibit

The AUB Gateway on Bliss Street, known nowadays as the Main Gate, has stood on Bliss Street since 1901. Designed by Edward Pearce Casey (1864–1940), at first it was known as the Gate House since it housed the President's Office as well as a reception room for visitors ... more

AUB's Main Gate - Online Exhibit looks at the history, planning and initial function of the Main Gate building, the architect behind it, the evolution of the building over time, and its impact on and integration into the life of AUB along several axes: security, community, possibility, struggle and hope. Curated by the Archives and Special Collections at AUB Libraries.

Main Gate Planning and Funding

A Gate that has seen it All! A Witness to AUB's times
1902-1920; 1920s-1930s; 1940s-1950s; 1960s; 1970s; 1980s; 1990-1991; 1992-2015; 1992-2015 B.     

Main Gate in Their Own Words: 60 essays which were submitted by the community, recounting their memories, anecdotes, and connections to the main Gate.