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AUB History: a Short Guide: Campus Botany

The guide was compiled on the occasion of AUB 150th Anniversary. It was initiated by the Research and Instruction Services and prepared in collaboration with the Archives and Special Collections Department at the University Libraries.

Tree Planting

Olive tree planted in the memory of George B. Stewart, jr., 2011

Memorial ceremony for Basil Fuleihan ... 2005

Rafic Hariri Memorial Cedar Tree, 2010

Palm trees planted by William West

Palm trees planted by William Wes

Banyan Tree (the national tree in India)

Banyan Tree

Cypress grove planted by Daniel Bliss

Cypress grove planted by Daniel Bliss

Tree Planted by Class of 1932

Selected Articles from AUB Publications

Abou-Chaar, C. (1988). AUB campus: Perennial garden of our youth. Al-Kulliyah, summer issue, 3-5.

How Green is AUB? (2007- 2008). Main Gate, 6(3)

Nature in the design. (Spring 2006). Main Gate, 4(3), pp. 22.

Origins and future of AUB's green campus. (Fall 2015). Main Gate, 14(1), 20-21.

West, W. (1988). History of AUB campus trees. Al-Kulliyah, summer issue, 6-8.

N.B. To read al-Kulliyah articles click on the title and page numbers.


AUB Botanical Garden

AUB campus was designated as a botanic garden in 2016, on the occasion of AUB's 150th anniversary. The campus, with its diverse make up of flora and fauna, quiet walkways and attractive views, has been a much loved feature of the city of Beirut since AUB's founding in 1866.

Post Herbarium & Post Flora - AUB

The Post Herbarium at AUB is the digital version of the Catalog of the Herbarium founded by George E. Post (1868-1909), professor of surgery, metria medica and botany at AUB from 1869. The herbarium contains more than 20000 specimens which represent some 4200 plant species belonging to 178 families. Specimens have been collected in Lebanon and parts of Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. Click here to search and view 220 type specimens of George Post.

The Post Flora is the digital version of the book titled The Flora of Syria, Palestine and Sinai by George E. Post.

Campus Vegetation

AUB Nature Conservation Center

AUB Nature Conservation Center (NCC), is an interdisciplinary center at AUB created to promote nature conservation and suistanability.

NCC Plant Database

NCC Members Publications

Books Published by NCC.

Trees of Lebanon: a labor of love: by Salma Talhouk Each tree in this book is presented as a local story.

AUB Plant Databases

NCC Plant Database: The database provides information about native plants, including trees, shrubs, herbs and wild edible plants.

AUB Landscape Plant Database: The database is focusing on native, naturalized, and ecologically suitable plant species for the Middle East region.

AUB Campus Map - Trees location

AUB Trees on campus date to the university's founding and come from all over the world. Behind each tree is a story. Click on campus map to know more.