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Lebanese Civil War: 1975-1990: Archiving Projects

This is a guide to information resources about the Lebanese civil war. It includes information about books, encyclopedias, primary sources and other materials covering different aspects of the war.

Memory at Work ديوان الذاكرة


Fighters for Peace

Fighters for Peace = محاربون من اجل السلام is a Lebanese organization that unites former fighters from different political, religious and social backgrounds to call for peace.

Lebanses Assocation for History
The Association promotes the learning and teaching of history as a discipline in Lebanon . View the list of projects and educational material related to "“The Civil War in Lebanon”.

Beit Beirut the Yellow House to Beit Beirut = البيت الأصفر. The project entails restoring the original house whilst preserving the traces of time and war to highlight the unique character of the building and its evolution through the years.

Badna Naaref

Badna Naaref = بدنا نعرف is part of a pilot project entitled "Talking Between Generations: a War Time Diary". The website presents  summaries of recorded interviews with people who were youth during the war in Lebanon from 1975 to 1990, conducted by student participants from twelve Beirut public and private schools.

UNDP Peace Building in Lebanon

The UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon works since 2007 on enhancing mutual understanding and promoting social cohesion by addressing root causes of conflict in Lebanon.

Featured Publications:

Signs of Conflict: Political Posters of the Civil War

Lebanon Memory Archive

Act for the Disappeared

Act for the Disappeared is a Lebanese Human Rights organization. Its mission is to work towards clarifying the fate of the missing and disappeared persons through promoting the right to know.

ACT has initiated several projects with youth:

Sagesse University Project

Forum ZFD International Non-Governmental Organisation

forumZFD has been working in Lebanon since 2009; the team develops projects in the program areas of Dealing with the Past.