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Lebanese Civil War: 1975-1990: War in Literature

This is a guide to information resources about the Lebanese civil war. It includes information about books, encyclopedias, primary sources and other materials covering different aspects of the war.

Scroll down to view a short list of novels, poetry books, war in literature books, articles and conferences about the Lebanese Civil War. 
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Articles Published in Al-Abhath (2004-2005)


Sociology of the Lebanese Civil War Novel: a conference organized by Anis K. Makdisi Program in Literature, American University of Beirut (May 14-16, 2004). Poster and related article by Maher Jarrar. 

See also AUBulletin Today, v. 5, no. 6, August 2004 and Al-Abhath of the year 2004-2005.

Selected List of Lebanese Civil-War Novels