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AUB ScholarWorks: AUB ScholarWorks

AUB ScholarWorks is the institutional repository of the Amerian University of Beirut

What is AUB ScholarWorks?

AUB ScholarWorks is the Institutional Repository of the American University of Beirut. It is a digital showcase of the research, scholarly and creative output of the institution's community. It centralizes, facilitates and encourages the preservation, exploration, dissemination, promotion and use of the University's academic and research activities using open access publishing model.

Why deposit content?

To give higher visibility
for AUB research and
scholarly work
To strengthen
collaborative research
To increase citation
of AUB research
To digitally preserve
AUB research and
scholarly work
To retain one's own
when the author work has already been published


Who can deposit content?

Any department, center or other unit of the University can participate as a community in ScholarWorks. Each community assigns a coordinator who can work with the University Libraries to develop the unit's content and to define the kinds of material to include in the Institutional Repository (IR).

The Libraries encourage contributions of emerging and published research from all AUB community: AUB academic staff (research-oriented publications); AUB non-academic staff (research-oriented publications); AUB adjunct positions (faculty and staff); and AUB students (mainly, but not limited to, theses and dissertations).

What content can be deposited in AUB Scholarworks?

Accepted content includes:

  • published work where copyright allows (article, book, chapter in a book, etc.)
  • manuscripts
  • pre-published work where copyright allows
  • digital art
  • Master's/PhD theses and dissertations
  • undergraduate/graduate student honors; papers and projects
  • journals published at AUB
  • datasets

Who can use AUB Scholarworks?

Since the first role of an IR is to provide the Open Access literature, anyone with internet access can search and use AUB ScholarWorks.

Contact us

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