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AUB ScholarWorks: How to Deposit in AUB ScholarWorks

AUB ScholarWorks is the institutional repository of the Amerian University of Beirut

A Step By Step Guide

1.  Go to and click on login under My Account tab on the right-hand menu then login with your AUB net Id  and password.

2. If you are submitting an article, choose the community you belong to (your faculty).

     If you are submitting a dataset, choose 'Data Bank'.

3. Choose the collection you wish to submit an item to (your department).

    If you are submitting Data, choose 'Datasets". If you are submitting supporting research materials, such as questionnaires,  choose 'Research Supporting Materials'.

4. Click on "Submit a new item to this collection" in the body of the page.

4. Add a description to your object in the ‘Item Submission’ pages, make sure you put the author(s) name, title of your object, date of publication, type of publication and keywords. Adding as much information as possible will increase the visibility of your object. Then click "next".

5. On the "Upload File(s)" page upload your file. Before uploading your file, make sure you follow the right file naming convention available in this guide. Please do not leave any blank spaces in your file name.

6. On the review page, review your submission, any changes can be made at this level. If you are satisfied with your input click next.

7. On the last page, read carefully the distribution license and tick the "I grant the license" box.

After submission is completed, the item is reviewed by the person in charge of the repository to make sure that everything is right. Administrative, descriptive and preservation metadata is added to the item to ensure appropriate storage and retrieval. Within a short period of time, the submitter will receive an email from dspace[at] informing him about the  status of his submission (is either accepted or rejected with the reason behind the rejection).

Once accepted, your submission (usually for datasets) will have a unique identifier, a handle number, which you can share with the publisher to point to your dataset.

N.B. You can save and close your work at any of the steps and resume it later.