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Business Research Guide: Company Filing and Basic Info.

This guide highlights core print and electronic Library resources in the area of Business and it links to relevant web resources. Use this guide as your starting point, come to the library or Ask a Librarian for more resources and further help.


Company Filings

Go to
EDGAR site to search for companies’ filing
For example, you can check 10-K (annual) and 10-Q (quarterly) reports, proxies, and others.
Check the guide to
SEC Filings  to learn more about the forms

You may also want to use
Lexis Nexis Academic(Available at the University Libraries) Select Business from the main menu >
SEC filings & reports 

Annual Reports

Go to the desired company website and check its annual report. Annual reports are usually found under the "About us" section or under "Investor Relations".
Note that, while the annual reports are easier to read than the SEC filings, they tend to give an optimistic view of the company performance and situation.

Basic Company Information

Business and Company Resource Center   (available through the University Libraries)
Results usually include the following for a given company