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Lebanon Research Guide: Think Tanks

Lebanese Universities - Institutes and Centers

American University of Beirut - Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs
an independent, research-based, policy-oriented institute. The institute is committed to expanding and deepening knowledge production in and about the Arab region; and to creating a space for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers, civil society actors and policy-makers.

Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - Phoenix Center for Lebanese Studies a multidisciplinary space devoted to all fields related to Lebanon. The Center aims to conserve the archives of the Lebanese heritage, to protect them from being lost and forgotten, and to put them at the disposal of researchers and students in order to promote cultural and scientific research, and thereby encouraging them to write articles and produce literature works.


  • Archival Collections: The Center manages many different types of archives: political, legal, familial, ecclesiastical, etc.
  • Publications: The Center has established 5 publication series: Research (the Multidisciplinary series), Lebanese Theater, Lebanese Poetry, Lebanese Novel and Anthology.

Université Saint-Joseph - Centre d'études pour le monde arabe moderne = Centre for the Study of the Modern Arab World provides information on social changes from observation and analysis of ideas in the Middle East.

Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

Umam Documentation and Research

Centre for Arab Unity Studies