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Al-Nakba: 1948 Palestinian Exodus: More

The guide was created in support of The Palestinian Oral History Archives Project at AUB Libraries. The guide focuses on the various aspects of historiography of 1948 Palestinian Nakba and highlights selective library resources, projects and websites.

Palestine - General Guides

Jadaliyya: Palestine page

Palestine: Resources from Columbia University Libraries

Online Resources for the Study of Palestine from the Center for Palestine Studies, Middle East Institute - Columbia University

Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question conceived by the Institute for Palestine Studies as part of a joint project with the Palestinian Museum,

Palestine - Audio Visual Materials

UNRWA Audiovisual Archive for Palestine Refugees: images and hours of film covering all aspects of the lives and history of Palestine refugees from 1948 to the present day.

Resources Center on Palestinian Cinema. The project offers a wide range of resources including a list of biofilmographies and a selected bibliography about Palestinian cinema.

Al-Nakba - Internet Links