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Al-Nakba: 1948 Palestinian Exodus: Oral History

The guide was created in support of The Palestinian Oral History Archives Project at AUB Libraries. The guide focuses on the various aspects of historiography of 1948 Palestinian Nakba and highlights selective library resources, projects and websites.

Palestinian Oral History Archive@AUB

The Palestinian Oral History Archive (POHA) is an archival collection that contains more than 1,000 hours of testimonies with first generation Palestinians and other Palestinian communities in Lebanon. The project is being completed in partnership with the AUB Libraries, the Nakba Archive and the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (AL-JANA). The Collection includes the eyewitness narratives of first generation refugees have been instrumental to the survival of the cultural geography of spaces, traditions, and histories from pre-1948 Palestine.
The Video “Lest We Forget”, released on May 15, 2015 to mark the 67th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba provides glimpse into POHA’s rich collection of the testimonies of first generation Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Palestinian Oral History Archive Lectures and Open Panel Discussions

Personnal Narratives

Oral History Projects

Memories of Palestine

A Narration Without an End: Palestinian and the Continuing Nakba

Memories of Palestine: Interviews with Palestinian people across the World.

Voices: Palestinian Women Narrate Displacement.

شهادات حية للمرأة الفلسطينية في لبنان 1965-1985