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Al-Nakba: 1948 Palestinian Exodus: Library Resources

The guide was created in support of The Palestinian Oral History Archives Project at AUB Libraries. The guide focuses on the various aspects of historiography of 1948 Palestinian Nakba and highlights selective library resources, projects and websites.

Selected Bibliography

A selective bibliography from AUB libraries and elsewhere.



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The titles listed on this page do not represent a comprehensive list of resources available through AUB Libraries. Use the Library Catalog to find more Books, Journals, Maps, Photos, Posters, Primary Documents, Videos and other materials available at the University Libraries.

Sample Keywords are:

Articles are best resources for research because they are current, written by experts in the field, peer reviewed, and cover very specific subjects.

Recommended article Databases

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Use Journal Finder to locate individual journals. The following is a list of selected journals, magazines and newspapers.

I. Arabic Language

الدفاع: صدرت حتى سنة 1949 في يافا ثم صدرت سنة 1949 في القدس ثم انتقلت الى عمان
جريدة الكرمل
العودة: مجلة تعنى بقضايا اللاجئين الفلسطينيين وحق العودة
فلسطين: العنوان تغير من "نشرة فلسطين" الى"قضية فلسطين" من ثم الى "فلسطين
فلسطين: صوت الذين لا صوت لهم
القدس: تقرير يرصد ويحلل تفاعلات القضية الفلسطينية محلياً واقليمياً ودولياً
مرآة الشرق: جريدة عربية سياسية حرة
الوثائق الفلسطينية العربية
الوقائع الفلسطينية: الجريدة الرسمية لحكومة فلسطين

لمزيد من الدوريات حول النزاع العربي الاسرائيلي انقر هنا

II. English Language


File:Mandate for Palestine and Memorandum by the British Government Relating to its Application to Transjordan WDL11572.pdf

For additional primary resources on the topic, search the Library Catalog.
Atlas of Palestine, 1948: combines survey of Palestine maps and old aerial photography, plus  information on about 1,300 towns and villages, 11,000 land marks and 20,000 place names.

Atlas of Palestine, 1917-1966: an enlarged, extended and edited edition of the 'Atlas of Palestine 1948'. Is a cartographic representation of palestine's modern history. A valuable source on 1,600 towns and villages, 16,000 landmarks, 30,000 place names, and much more.                                      

Jews in Palestine (634-1881) = Juden in Palastina (634-1881)

Palestine: Colored map published in 1942 by the War Office, Geographical Section.

Palestine 1948: 50 years after al Nakba: the towns and villages depopulated by the Zionist invasion of 1948. Includes information about dispossessed Palestinians and legend of depopulated towns and villages.       

Palestine, return is enivitable = فلسطين: الحقوق لا تزول

Map of Palestine: prepared and drawn for the 1946 Palestine yearbook. It includes 3 ancillary maps: Profile of Palestine and its surrounding countries -- Jewish national fund land in Palestine -- Southern portion of Palestine.

Survey of Palestine motor map: Insets: Haifa -- Jerusalem -- Jaffa and Tel Aviv.                    

                                                                                                                                                                   Interactive Map: Nakba of Palestine - 1948



Before their Diaspora: a photographic history of the Palestinians, 1876-1948. The book illustrates a visual journey into life in Palestine before its partition in 1948. It includes a collection of 500 photographs carefully selected from thousands available from private and public collections throughout the world. Read the book online.