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Oil and Gas in Lebanon: AUB Activities

This guide compiles resources on ‘Oil and Gas in Lebanon’ including overview, oil exploration, geo-petroleum issues, petroleum law, and maritime disputes. Also, it provides guidance on how to find further information using the Library resources

Energy Policy and Security Program

The Aim of  the Energy Policy and Security Program is to maximize the Issam Fares Institute’s impact within the energy policy realm through presenting robust research in accessible forms such as policy reports and public events.

Sample publications:

AUB - Affiliates, Professors...

Ali Haidar: Assistant Professor, Geology Department at AUB. Email:  

Ali A. Yassine: Assistant Professor, Engineering Management Program at AUB. Email

Ata Elias: Assistant Professor, Geology Department at AUB. Former AUB Faculty

Fadi Henri Nader: Assistant Professor, Geology Department at AUB (2003-2007).

Karim Makdissi: Associate Director of IFI & Associate Professor, PSPA Department at AUB. Email: