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Manage Your Research Identity: How to import Scopus Author ID and publications into an ORCID profile?

  1. Open the Scopus Author Feedback wizard.

  2. Follow the wizard’s steps, finding the correct profile(s) in Scopus and checking the publications it contains.

  3. Once you have reviewed the profile and identified any corrections:

    • Your Scopus Author Identifier is sent to ORCID.

    • Scopus remembers your ORCID.

    • The corrected publication list is sent to ORCID (optional).

    • Any corrections you make are submitted to the Scopus Author Feedback team. You will receive an email with a request to confirm them.

  4. In some circumstances, gathering all your publications and determining a final Scopus Author Identifier may take some time. To help you with this, supply your email address to the Scopus Author Feedback team if:

    • Your work is scattered across many different profiles, or

    • Your name occurs very frequently.

Source: Scopus. (2020, September 16). How do I import author details to ORCID?