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Manage Your Research Identity: How to merge multiple Scopus IDs?

When searching for your name on Scopus, it may be possible that you will retrieve multiple profiles that belong to you. This may be due to discrepancies caused by different name variants or affiliation names.

In this case, you can select your relevant profiles and click on 'request to merge authors' to make changes to your profile. You will need an Elsevier account to complete this process. 

  • Search for your name in Author search. 

  • Select the author names to merge.

  1. Select 'Request to merge authors'. The Author Feedback Wizard opens.

  2. Select the author details to merge:

    1. From the Preferred name drop-down, select the desired name format of the author.

    2. From the Current affiliation drop-down, select the desired affiliation.

  3. Add or removed documents to be merged:
    Remove documents from the author profile merge
    Add documents to the author profile merge

  4. Select one of the available options and click 'Continue'. The Author Feedback Wizard opens and displays the list of documents for the author profiles to be merged.
    Optional: Locate any missing documents from the author profiles to be merged
    Optional: Add profiles to be merged

  5. Review the documents and click 'Review affiliation'. The Review affiliation form opens. Scopus provides a suggested affiliation for the merged author profiles, but you have the option to select from the drop-down list.

  6. Select an affiliation and click 'Confirm and Submit'. The Confirm page opens.

  7. Review the information then click 'Submit'.

You will receive an automated message from Scopus notifying you of the merge request. The change will be implemented by Scopus team in a few days after the information is verified.

Source: Scopus profile and content corrections Support Center. (2021, September 29). Requesting to merge authors.