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Manage Your Research Identity: What is Scopus Author ID?

What is Scopus Author ID and what are its advantages?

  • A proprietary system from Elsevier integrated within Scopus and ScienceDirect. 

  • Distinguishes among similar names by assigning each author in Scopus a unique identifier and grouping all of the documents written by the author.

  • Automatically created by Scopus when at least one publication by an author is indexed in Scopus; hence registration is not required.

  • Additional articles are added to the Scopus Author Profile by an algorithm based on the document's metadata supplied during publication including author's name, affiliation, and subject areas.

  • Having a Scopus Author ID allows you to easily see a list of your publications and view citation metrics such as h-index measures, citation counts, publications and co-authors.

  • Can be linked to ORCID iD so your publications can be imported into your ORCID.