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Add citations and bibliographies

To create a list of references for a document from your Zotero library:

  1. Select the items you want to include.
  2. Right-click one of the selected items and choose Create Bibliography (first image below).
  3. A popup window will open (second image below), select the style of your choice (popular styles already listed) 
    • You may add other styles (select Manage Style in popup window highlighted in yellow in the second image)
  4. Output Mode - select bibliography
  5. Output Method - Copy to Clipboard
  6. Paste into a document

The Microsoft Word plugin should be installed automatically when you download Zotero.

You may need to restart Microsoft Word if you have it open already. The plugin also works with LibreOffice. 

To add citations to your text, click on the Zotero tab to access the Zotero Word dashboard.

If you have downloaded the Zotero Connector web importer plugin for Chrome or Firefox, you can use Zotero in Google Docs.

A Zotero menu will appear in the Google Docs interface.

You will need to have the Zotero desktop application open while you are using the Zotero plugin for Google Docs.

When you install Zotero, it includes the most commonly used citation styles.

If Zotero does not have the formatting style you need, just visit Zotero's Style Repository,

select the desired style, and save it to your Zotero style library.

Changing citation styles (from APA to MLA or to IEEE) in Microsoft Word and Google Docs by:

clicking on "Document Preferences"