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Organize your library

By default, Zotero stores new citations in "My Library." 

Creating Collections (similar to a folder) can help you organize your library.

  • Click on the yellow folder/plus sign icon. A pop-up box will open prompting you to name your new collection.
  • You can drag and drop items into a collection from within your Zotero library. 
    Note: Each time you drag an item into a new collection from your library, Zotero creates a copy.
  • Create sub-collections using the same method. You can also drag and drop collections into other collections.

When you add references to your Zotero library, it often imports existing tags.

You can add unique tags to your references to make them easier to find later.

All references are automatically deposited in "My Library" (your Master Collection).

  • Warning: If you remove a reference from My Library it will be deleted from all the other folders/collections.

To remove a citation from a specific collection/folder,

  1. select the folder
  2. select  the citation you wish to delete
  3. press the delete key on your keyboard OR right-click and select Remove from Collection
  4. The citation is still in My Library.