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A Guide to Conducting Reviews: Service Charter

This LibGuide outlines some of the common types of reviews including literature, systematic, and scoping reviews, and lists some ways by which University Librarians can assist in conducting such reviews.

This service charter was developed to define the levels of support that AUB University Libraries can provide to current
AUB students and faculty undertaking systematic or other rigorous types of reviews.

* May be provided as a separate one on one session

Limitations: AUB University Libraries provide a range of services to support current students, faculty and staff. To do this equitably, we need to ensure that we place some limitations on the extent of our services. Hence, we may turn down requests based on demand, internal capacity, and workloads.
We encourage you to provide an initial search strategy before your first consultation with a subject librarian who will respond within 24 hours after receiving your service request.
We used several international research guides to prepare this service charter.