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A Guide to Conducting Reviews: Publications Co-authored by AUB University Librarians

This LibGuide outlines some of the common types of reviews including literature, systematic, and scoping reviews, and lists some ways by which University Librarians can assist in conducting such reviews.

Publications co-authored by AUB librarians with different departments:

Abdul-Khalek, R. A., Kayyal, W., Akkawi, A. R., Almalla, M., Arif, K., Bou-Karroum, L., El-Harakeh, A., Elzalabany, M. K., Fadlallah, R., Ghaddar, F., Kashlan, D., Kassas, S., Khater, T., Mobayed, N., Rahme, D., Saifi, O., Jabbour, S., El-Jardali, F., Akl, E., & Jawad, M. (2020). Health-related articles on Syria before and after the start of armed conflict: A scoping review for The Lancet-American University of Beirut Commission on Syria. Conflict and Health14(1), 1-10. 

Awad, M. F., Karout, L., Arnous, G., Rawashdeh, M. A., Hneiny, L., & Saade, C. (2020). A systematic review on the current status of adult diagnostic reference levels in head, chest and abdominopelvic computed tomography. Journal of Radiological Protection, 40(3), R71-R98. 

Habib, R. R., Halwani, D. A., Mikati, D., & Hneiny, L. (2020). Sex and gender in research on healthcare workers in conflict settings: A scoping review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(12), 1-22. 

 Mansour, R., Naal, H., Kishawi, T., El Achi, N., Hneiny, L., & Saleh, S. (2021). Health research capacity building of health workers in fragile and conflict-affected settings: A scoping review of challenges, strengths, and recommendations. Health Research Policy and Systems, 19(1), 1-23. 

Naal, H., El Koussa, M., El Hamouch, M., Hneiny, L., & Saleh, S. (2020a). Evaluation of global health capacity building initiatives in low-and middle-income countries: A systematic review. Journal of Global Health, 10(2), 20412. 

 Naal, H., El Koussa, M., El Hamouch, M., Hneiny, L., & Saleh, S. (2020b). A systematic review of global health capacity building initiatives in low-to middle-income countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. Global Health, 16(1), 56. 

Yaacoub, S., Schünemann, H. J., Khabsa, J., El-Harakeh, A., Khamis, A. M., Chamseddine, F., . . . Hneiny, L., . . ., Akl, E. A. (2020). Safe management of bodies of deceased persons with suspected or confirmed COVID-19: A rapid systematic review. BMJ Global Health, 5(5), e002650.

Puskás, N., Abunnasr, Y., & Nalbandian, S. (2021). Assessing deeper levels of participation in nature-based solutions in urban landscapes–A literature review of real-world cases. Landscape and Urban Planning210, 104065. 

Bassatne, A., Basbous, M., Chakhtoura, M., El Zein, O., Rahme, M., & Fuleihan, G. E. H. (2021). The link between COVID-19 and Vitamin D (VIVID): A systematic review and meta-analysis. Metabolism, 119, 154753. 

Bassatne, A., Rahme, M., Piggott, T., Murad, M. H., Hneiny, L., & Fuleihan, G. E. H. (2020). Patients’ values and other decisional factors regarding treatment of hypercalcemia of malignancy: A systematic review protocol. 

Chu, D. K., Akl, E. A., Duda, S., Solo, K., Yaacoub, S., . . . Hneiny, L., . . . & Schünemann, H. J. (2020). Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet, 395(10242), 1973-1987. 

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Rachid, E., Noureddine, T., Tamim, H., Makki, M., Nalbandian, S., & Al-Haddad, C. (2021). Gender disparity in research productivity across departments in the faculty of medicine: A bibliometric analysis. Scientometrics, 126(6), 4715-4731.  

Schünemann, H. J., Khabsa, J., Solo, K., Khamis, A. M., Brignardello-Petersen, R., El-Harakeh, A., . . . Hneiny, L., . . ., Akl, E. A. (2020). Ventilation techniques and risk for transmission of coronavirus disease, including COVID-19: A living systematic review of multiple streams of evidence. Annals of Internal Medicine, 173(3), 204-216.  

Al-Jawaldeh, A., Matbouli, D., Diab, S., Taktouk, M., Hojeij, L., Nalbandian, S., & Nasreddine, L. (2023). School-based nutrition programs in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A systematic review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(22), 7047.

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