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A Guide to Conducting Reviews: Meet Our Subject Librarians

This LibGuide outlines some of the common types of reviews including literature, systematic, and scoping reviews, and lists some ways by which University Librarians can assist in conducting such reviews.
Arts / Humanities

Nabila Shehabeddine
Ext. 2629

AUB Archives, Primary Sources in Middle Eastern History

Samar Mikati
Ext. 2609/10

Business / Finance / Economics Engineering / Architecture
Sahar Ghandour
Ext. 2659
Khaled Noubani
Ext. 2630


General Research / Communication Skills Program

Joyce Aways
Ext. 2164

Medicine / Nursing / Public Health

Ola El Zein
Ext. 5911

Medicine / Nursing / Public Health Middle Eastern Studies

Layal Hneiny
Ext. 5904

Fatme Charafeddine
Ext. 2621

Science / Agriculture / Nutrition Social Sciences

Salpy Nalbandian
Ext. 2165

Carla Chalhoub
Ext. 2619