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Videos in the Classroom: Embedding Videos and Clips

Embedding Videos and Video Clips into your Learning Management System etc. Moodle

The University Libraries have a great collection of streaming video databases on many subjects. Most videos have stable URLs that can be shared or embedded into your Moodle course. 

Most of the streaming video databases allow you to create clips.

Video clips can be embedded into the Moodle LMS or shared with students or when you are teaching in Zoom or Webex in live or asynchronous instruction.

Video clips can be created and shared in a number of ways:

  • Create a link to a clip from the Library database, SAGE Research Methods Video
  • Submit a request to the Library to create clips from a DVD in the collection that will be posted on the library server for a limited amount of time.
  • Create your own clips and post them to Moodle, or another clip sharing platform.

Alexander Street Press video includes several collections such as Academic Video Online: Eastern VersionBusiness Education in VideoHuman Resource Management OnlineInternational Business Online, and Psychological Experiments Online.

Follow these steps to share or embed videos in your Moodle course:

I. Find video and embed code

  • Log-in to a database from Alexander Street Press
  • Use the search box to find a video
  • Choose a video and click on the title
  • Click on 'Share' to copy the permalink or embed code 

II. Embed video on Moodle

  • Log-in to your Moodle Course and Turn editing on
  • In the HTML editor toolbar, click the HTML button (</>) and paste the permalink or embed code
  • Click Save and Display or Save and Return to Course
  • Open the activity and make sure that the video is playing properly

Refer to the following videos for instruction on making clips.

Kanopy provides access to licensed streaming videos for use in the classroom. All videos can be embedded or shared. Videos can also be clipped and transcripts are provided. 

To create a video clip follow these steps 

  • Go to Kanopy and log in to your Kanopy account (Don't have an account yet, click here to get started)
  • Choose a video and click on Playlist and add the video to an existing playlist or you can create a new playlist 
  • Click on Edit Playlist.
  • To create a clip from a video, Click on Edit Clip.
  • Optionally, edit your clip title and add notes for your clip
  • Click the player to start the video and use one of these methods to create your clip:
    1. Click the Capture button next to Start Time to select the starting point of your clip. Then click on Capture next to Stop Time when you want the clip to end  
    2. You can also manually enter the start time and stop time into the corresponding fields, and click Capture 
  • To save your video clip, click Save Clip, and then Save Changes 

SAGE Video contains different video types to support teaching and learning. 

Follow these steps to embed video or create video clip in Sage Video

  • Log in to Sage video
  • Go to My Profile on the top right hand side of the page to create your personal account
  • Search and find a video

I. Embed Video

  • Use the Embed (</>) button underneath the transcript to get the embed code for the entire video. 

II. Create Video Clip

  • Use the Create Clip button below the video
  • Select the start and end times for your clip
  • Click Save to save your clip under My Lists or My Clips
  • After creating the clip, a panel will open showing the permanent link, and embed code

Refer to the following videos for instruction on how to use the embed feature and custom clip feature in Sage Video.